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Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop
Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop

The Helix LED Smart Hoop

256 Fully Customizable Patterns

The Most Visual Patterns Ever Included With Any Hoop

Included with the Helix LED hoop is 256 presets that have been carefully designed to create some of the most visually amazing patterns for all hooping speeds and styles.  The included presets have been designed to help manage battery life and range from tame, to psychedelic, to absolutely visually insane.  See a sample of the included patterns in this official video

Because the LEDs in the Helix LED hoop operate at more than 4 times the speed of any other similar LED product you'll see strobing, spinning, or fading patterns that operate at speeds never before possible.  The Helix's custom designed graphics processor enables it to fade incredibly smooth and strobe incredibly fast.  It's like nothing you've seen before.

Presets are grouped by type and are easy to navigate using 2 simple buttons.  For more information on the visual patterns included with the Proton Labs Helix as well as how to navigate and locate them, watch for upcoming video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Shuffle Functionality

3 Different Shuffle Modes and BPM Synchronized Changes

The Helix has the most useful shuffle functionality ever designed with 3 different types of shuffle available with each capable of being BPM synchronized with changes to music.  The Helix gives you the control to have complete creative control of your hoop and create the highest quality hoop performances.
  • Set the exact BPM you want your random changes to sync with
  • Choose between 3 different shuffle selection modes
  • Enable shuffle selections to only change within YOUR favorite patterns
The third and most powerful shuffle type (and feature exclusive to the Helix) actually generates new patterns and colors from billions of possibilities for the most unique patterns ever displayed by any LED device. You'll never see the same pattern twice!

Battery Life

Powerful Battery Life Options

Featuring an average battery life of approximately 10 hours the Helix is already incredibly powerful. The Helix comes with pattern presets specifically designed for use with the longest possible battery life to the brightest performance settings and many more in-between.

In addition to this careful design detail you can even customize the brightness of your Helix to customize your battery usage to fit any hooper perfectly.

Millions of Colors

Millions of Colors
While other hoops still use older technology only capable of displaying a handful of colors, Proton Labs' brand new design uses LEDs that display millions of colors.

Every visual preset in the hoop was designed with this in mind and takes every opportunity to show it off.

Graphics Processor

Graphics Processor
The graphics processing engine custom developed by Proton Labs enables psychedelic morphing of hues across color spaces for smooth fades and fast strobes.

The Helix is designed to display perfect geometric patterns and is the only hoop in the world that automatically scales patterns to the size of your hoop.  Every pattern looks perfect on every size hoop!

Simple Operation

Simple Operation

Simple 2 button operation changes the mode with one button and visual presets with the other. You can even set your favorite visual preset so that it is automatically selected when you turn your hoop on.

Spend more time and battery life hooping instead of struggling with complex menu systems.

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