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The Helix LED Smart Hoop

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Hoop Material

The Helix is available in two different models with each constructed using different materials that have a slightly different feel, appearance, and weight.  Although the differences between these two materials are minor this information should help you choose the perfect model for you. For a more detailed comparison see the 'Helix Common Questions' section here.  Also note that because the tubing material itself can become damaged it is not covered under our one year warranty against defects in manufacturing.

3/4" HDPE

HDPE (or High-Density Polyethylene) is our most common material and is recommended for most hoopers.  HDPE features enhanced durability and can typically be "coiled down" for travel to a smaller size than a Helix made with polypro.  The appearance of HDPE is a milky white translucency that allows LED light to shine through at the same brightness as Polypro but the internal electronics are not directly visible through the tubing in daylight conditions.

3/4" Polypro

Polypro (or Polypropylene) is the lightest material available for your Helix and is recommended for skilled hoopers and those needing the lightest hoop available. A Helix with Polypro weighs about a half ounce less than a Helix with HDPE, depending on the exact size.  However, this material can be a bit more fragile in some conditions and cannot be safely "coiled down" for travel as small as a Helix with HDPE. The appearance of Polypro is a more clear, frosted translucency making the internal electronic components visible through the tubing in daylight conditions.

Surface / Finish

All hoops ship new with a smooth surface, although some hoopers may wish to add extra grip. This is commonly done using gaffers tape or using the included sanding strips to personalize the feel of your Helix. 

Choosing a Size

Selecting the appropriate size hoop will ensure that you learn and progress faster no matter your current skill level.   Note that if you're already comfortable hooping with empty hoops (no LEDs inside) the bit of extra weight can make the hoop feel a bit slower. It's recommended that you buy an inch or two smaller in an LED hoop than you would normally use with an empty hoop.

Measuring Up

Proton Labs measures our hoops using the inner diameter measurement.  However, there is no standard and some hoop manufacturers measure their hoops differently using the outer diameter.  The table below should help you easily compare these different types of measurements so you are comfortable with which size to order.

If you happen to order the wrong size there's no need to worry. If you order hasn't shipped yet just contact us. Even if it has already shipped we offer an easy exchange policy. You can read more information under the 'Return/Exchange' section here.
Hoop Measurement

Helix Size Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
26" 26" (66cm) 27.5" (69.9cm)
28" 28" (71.1cm) 29.5" (74.9cm)
30" 30" (76.2cm) 31.5" (80cm)
32" 32" (81.3cm) 33.5" (85.1cm)
34" 34" (86.4cm) 35.5" (90.2cm)
36" 36" (91.4cm) 37.5" (95.3cm)

Tips for Beginners

To determine a baseline for a good beginning size hoop measure from the floor to your waistband. Beginning hoopers should order approximately this size for their hoop. This will give you a slower and more stable hoop that is more forgiving while you learn. 

Intermediate hoopers may choose to order an inch or two smaller than this baseline measurement. This will make the hoop react more quickly to your motion once you're confident you've got solid motion. More advanced hoopers may then choose even smaller sizes for the most responsive hoop useful for advanced tricks and fast off-body motions.

What's Included

The Helix is a complete package to start hooping with millions of swirling colors. It contains everything you need from the first time you hoop with it out of the box to making it last and personalizing the physical feel or the patterns. No additional accessories are required.

In The Box

  • Helix LED Hoop
  • Smart wall charger (110V US outlet)
  • Smart car charger (car/cigarette outlet)
  • Lithium batteries (newest and best technology available)
  • Preset Designer software to personalize every pattern for free
  • Micro USB cable for use with the included software
  • Sanding strips to customize the grip of your Helix
  • Helix Quick Start Guide (PDF here)

Peace of Mind

Every Helix comes with the Preset Designer software custom designed to allow you to customize pattern! With this important feature you can make your hoop unique, customized to your style of hooping, and never get tired of it.

Every Helix also comes with an easy no-cost exchange policy to make sure you get the exact size and model you want. We also guarantee every Helix against defects for one full year! For more information see our Warranty and Exchange information.

Pictures & Video

Click on any picture to see the larger version. Once viewing a larger image you may click the image or use your mousewheel to view the rest of the album.


Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop
Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop Helix LED Hula Hoop



The Helix includes everything you need to operate, charge, and customize your Helix. For more information see the 'What's Included' tab. You may purchase spare or replacement accessories below.

Helix Wall Charger

110V US Wall Plug
Charge Status Indicator LED
Rapid Charging of your Helix


Helix Car Charger

12V Car Cigarette Plug
Charge Status Indicator LED
Rapid Charging of your Helix


Buy Your Helix Now

Helix with HDPE

Enhanced Durability
Constructed with 3/4" OD HDPE

  1. 28" Helix with HDPE
  2. 30" Helix with HDPE
  3. 32" Helix with HDPE
  4. 34" Helix with HDPE
  5. 36" Helix with HDPE

In Stock
Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Helix Model Details


Helix with Polypro

Standard Durability
Constructed with 3/4" OD Polypro

  1. 28" Helix with Polypro
  2. 30" Helix with Polypro
  3. 32" Helix with Polypro
  4. 34" Helix with Polypro
  5. 36" Helix with Polypro

In Stock
Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Helix Model Details

Featherweight Power

Battery Technology

The Helix is the lightest and most powerful LED hoop using the most advanced lithium battery technology available today.

The hoop is easily recharged with the included quick charger.

Customize & Share

Battery Technology

Using the custom designed free software you can create new visual pattern presets any time and even share them with friends.

Your Helix will never get old with virtually inifinite visual possibilities!

Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment

Every Helix has a permanently electronically embedded serial number so it can be uniquely identified using the Preset Designer software included with your hoop.

This serial number can help you recover your Helix in case it is ever lost or stolen.

One Year Warranty

One Year Warranty

Every hoop made by Proton Labs is covered by a full one year warranty against any defects in construction.

Millions of Colors

Millions of Colors
While other hoops still use older technology only capable of displaying a handful of colors, Proton Labs' brand new design uses LEDs that display millions of colors.

Every visual preset in the hoop was designed with this in mind and takes every opportunity to show it off.

Graphics Processor

Graphics Processor
The graphics processing engine custom developed by Proton Labs enables psychedelic morphing of hues across color spaces for smooth fades and fast strobes.

The Helix is designed to display perfect geometric patterns and is the only hoop in the world that automatically scales patterns to the size of your hoop.  Every pattern looks perfect on every size hoop!

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