Insanely Bright
Insanely Bright

Something New and Amazing Is Coming...

We're in the process of updating our site with something brand new and amazing that is going to drop chins to the floor.  Hang tight just another day or two and check back here to be first in line!

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Our payment processor is currently experiencing an outage that appears to be preventing payments from being processed. We're unsure how long their outage will impact us but we're extending the sale for a few days to make sure and get everyone in that is writing us once the trouble clears up.
Holy Schnikes! -Sunday, November 23, 2014
The wide announcement of our winter sale yesterday generated so much traffic that our website was overloaded by the "internet hug of death". Everything is back up now but we're definitely going to have a very busy December! Read more for recommendations to ensure your order gets placed in time for quick delivery.
Quick Update and Building Move -Monday, November 17, 2014
We just wanted to post a quick message to let everyone know about the move to our new building and what to expect during this time. In short, as of today we're still doing a great job of keeping up with production and orders but we're a little behind on answer questions sent in. Read more in the details...
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