LED Hoop Care & Usage

LED Hoop Care and Usage Instructions

All Proton Labs products are designed to withstand normal use and feature the most durable components ever used in similar LED products.  However, there are still some important things to keep in mind while using and storing them that will ensure a long life and that your warranty coverage remains in place. 

Simply put, we want them to be the most reliable LED products you've ever owned.

Extreme Temperatures

High temperatures can damage electronics.  Exposing your hoop to temperatures above 100° F (38° C) may cause permanent reduction in battery life, malfunctions, or even permanent damage. Never keep your Helix in a hot car, tent, or NASA mars rover. If it's too hot for you it's too hot for your Helix!  
Cold temperatures below 40° F (4° C) causes plastics to become brittle and will break more easily.  While the Helix with HDPE is a bit more durable in these conditions, the Helix with polypro is especially fragile in cold temperatures.  A light drop or hard reversal in extreme cold might cause your tubing to crack or break!  

Moisture, Dust, and Dirt

The Helix was designed so that that all of the sensitive components such as the USB and charge connectors are protected more safely inside the hoop.  However, water can still enter through the control buttons or the push button to collapse the hoop and damage it.  Don't use or leave your Helix in the rain, wet grass, or where heavy dew can accumulate.  
Dust, dirt, and sand can cause electronic connectors or buttons to malfunction.  Use care to keep these away from the buttons or collapsible openings of your hoop.  If you find dirt accumulating near the buttons you can use lightly compressed air to clean them out.  


In harsh environments you can cover the buttons and connector section with a clear tape to protect them from water and dirt. You still have access to all of the buttons and functionality while you keep the inside clean and dry!

Packing, Storage, & Handling

Our LED hoops are collapsible allowing you to pack them in a smaller space for easy travel.  Every Helix can be safely coiled down in size to about 75% of its original size.  For example, a 32" Helix can safely be coiled to about 24" in diameter.  Larger diameter hoops or those made with HDPE may be safely coiled to a slightly smaller diameter.  Note that exposure to even moderate heat while coiled down can introduce warping or odd shaped hoops that may take careful work for you to correct.  
The Helix is designed to absorb mild shock from occasional drops under normal use.  However, damage can occurs from abuse that includes hitting walls, certain tricks such as extremely aggressive reversals, falls onto hard surfaces, or any other extreme shock.  Always use caution when hooping by avoiding hooping around hard surfaces like concrete and  ensuring you have proper room.  Failure to do this can result in irreparable damage including the cracking or breaking the hoop material or failure of individual LEDs that may not be covered under warranty.  Hoopers not familiar with a hoop's stress boundaries are encouraged to purchase a Helix made from HDPE as it can in some cases provide greater resistance to certain types of damage related to stress or shock.  

Note that damage resulting from the failure to follow these care instructions or other damage deemed as abuse by Proton Labs will invalidate your product's warranty. For more details, view our full warranty information.

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