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Saturday, August 16, 2014

So the new web site is really kicking some serious ass!  It's been a long time in the works and we're very proud of it.  There's one piece that we would really love to complete but we need your help... Helix reviews!  We want to see them just as much as other hoopers considering buying the Helix want to see them.  We're willing to bribe you with gift cards to hear your thoughts.  :)

EDIT: We've copied the comments below to the review section.  To leave a review directly visit: www.proton-labs.com/productreviews/54 .  We've only been accepting reviews for a few hours now and we're already really feeling the love pouring in!  Thank you all so much!

We know there are so many of you that absolutely adore your Helix.  Many have you have named your Helix.  You treat it better than you do your car, we see the comments all the time on Facebook, and we love it.  We love to hear everything you have to say from what you love the most about the customization, how bright it is, the amazing battery life all the way to what you think could be better about it.  More importantly, other hoopers want to see what you have to say too!  We would really love for you all to leave some reviews for the Helix for everyone to see.  To leave a review just go the the Helix page and you'll see the link on the side just to the right of the photos.  Note that you'll need to be logged in with an existing account or to create an account to leave reviews.

On to the bribing part... we're going to randomly pick 5 people who leave reviews on the Helix to receive a $100 gift card.  We're going to give you guys a few weeks to leave some reviews that are really helpful to us and other hoopers.  Think hard and tell everyone what you think!  We'll select the 5 winners at random from submitted reviews to receive the prizes on Wednesday, September 10th.  Don't delay and forget though!

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8/16/2014 10:43 PM
Wow. Amazing. Worth every penny

This hoop has not only been a great performance tool but an attention getter. Every where I got people stop and stare. Every time I go out everyone is in awe at design. And since it's customizable your hoop is always changing. Just a slight change to the rotation or strobe completly changes the setting. Think of it this was there are 2-3 options for each mode x the multiple modes x any where from 1 to all the colors of the rain. And customizing is super easy. Plug in and upload. And if you change your hoop but want to go back you can save the file and upload it. The durability is great. I have had mine since November 2012. It is now august 2014. It is still working like the first day I got it. If my friend who did martial arts could break it on a drunk night, no one can (HPDE ONLY!!). The brightness is amazing, but not overpowering from the inside. So while your hooping you can still blow minds and not be blind. Wish the battery life latest a little longer but after almost two years it still has good battery life if not running all night. Would recommend to all my friends that are upgrading from a one pattern hoop!

8/17/2014 1:04 AM
Best Hoop Ever!

These hoops are absolutely incredible with endless options and the ability to program your on patterns is amazing! A must have for any hooper!

8/17/2014 8:19 AM
the settings are endless

I have had my Helix for a little over a year now! and I still haven't reached the end of my settings! it never gets old! I love the random selection button and the battery life on it seem like it last forever! the only thing about my helix is im not very thrilled with the weight that it is. I wish I could be a little lighter. Weighing the pros vs the cons I would refer anyone to the helix! <3 lots and lots of hooper love to proton labs
Taylor from Ohio

8/17/2014 10:21 AM
hooping heaven :)

I received my helix a few years ago as a birthday gift! And tho the boy who bought it didn't last my hoop has! This hoop as been packed in full trunks, carried through countless shows/festival, DROP a hundred times, left in the RAIN, and still works like new! My helix is my baby and goes every where with me(even 8 hr plane rides). I Don't use the software often since the settings are already so awesome. My only regret is I wish I would have gotten a smaller hoop.

8/17/2014 12:33 PM

I love everything about this hoop! The way it makes me feel so one with my circle is just one of the many things that make me recommend the helix to my friends! Altho I wish it were in a 2 year warranty to be able to re tube it I chose the HDPE and it is now to heavy for me :( but the light show is still stunning to me and I've never had any complaints from anyone watching or using the hoop hehe! Love love love!

8/17/2014 1:04 PM
Helix is awesome

I bought this hoop for my wife for a birthday present. This hoop is awesome it is quite bright, so many awesome color change options and the charge lasts a while . My favorite is the checker boards. Thanks so much for making an awesome product.

8/17/2014 3:05 PM
Helix is the best for the price! But not just because of the price.

I had a helix for a year until it was stolen at a memorial event for a lost friend. In my experience it was very durable, user friendly, bright, and long lasting. The weight was distributed evenly, it never warped, and hardly died. I had the polypro tubing which claims isn't as durable, but any seasoned hooper can care for it no problem.

The patterns are endless since you can customize them with the computer software and Proton Labs will be right behind you with new pattern downloads.

The buttons are a bit sensitive, but can be fixed with sanding.

Competitors offer features the helix does not have, but those features aren't worth the price difference. LED hoops are a niche market and for the parts and labor, the helix is the best deal.

8/18/2014 1:48 PM
<3 this hoop!

I only got a small amount of play time with my Helix before it stopped working unfortunately. The time I did have with it was amazing! The colors are EXTREMELY bright & the patterns are endless!

I have had an unpleasant issue with my hoop, however, the team at Proton Labs has been amazing at communicating with me about the repair of my hoop. They even agreed to pay for shipping it back to them so that they can get to the bottom of my problem as soon as possible. Great customer service and great product. I cant wait to get my baby back in my hands!  

8/19/2014 1:39 PM
Better than the Rest!

I LOVE MY HELIX! I have played with  other brands and the helix out shines them all. MUCH brighter, more patterns, customizable, and overall a great product! The only things that I would change is. . . .
A. The external buttons often get bumped and the hoop turns off int he middle of spinning it
B. The computer software isnt mac compatible, and is hard to customize. MAybe a pattern upload section in the future?!
Thanks for such a great product! Keep up the great work!

8/19/2014 4:02 PM
That battery life!!!!!

My Helix was gifted to me from a DJ I work for. I recently owned a [hoop that wont be named] that just did not have the battery life to make a full show. That is only one of the amazing perks of this hoop. Ohhh and the colors. The day I got my hoop i layed down on the floor and spun it with my foot so I could change the settings and be able to watch them myself hahahaha. The ONLY thing that I would ever think that could be improved is the buttons. I personally like to roll my hoop and almost every time my hoop gets shut off, which can be frustrating at times but the rest of the hoop makes up for it!

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