The Flux is Here!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Next Generation is Here

With so many next level features developed over 3 years, it's quite easy for the Flux to claim the title of the ultimate smart hoop.  Some of its next level features include motion reactivity, sound reactivivity, a high resolution display, full customization with your own images, more LEDs than any other hoop, more pattern storage than any other hoop, and more.

Orders for the first production run have already started filling up quickly.  A little over 80% of the spots have already been filled with excited hoopers as of the writing of this post.  We still have some spots remaining in our first production run so you can be sure you get your Flux before the rest of the hooping world finds out what hit them.

Flux Launch Order Perks

Everyone that gets their order in before we fill all of the slots for the launch will receive 3 awesome perks as a huge thank you to all of you.  First, you get $50 off of every Flux you order.  Second, along with every Flux ordered we're also sending you a practice/day hoop of the same size and material for free.  Third, if you place an order for the Flux and you own our previous hoop, the Helix, we'll service, repair, resize, or retube it completely free.

Estimated Delivery

In order to complete the first production run of Flux smart hoops we need to fill all of the order slots.  We've made a fancy progress bar right on the main page to show you how close we are to that goal that gets updated every time an order is placed.  Once that goal is reached we can begin assembling and shipping the orders out.  Spreading the word about the Flux to help us reach that goal will help us get the hoops shipped out quickly!

More Information

We have lots more information check out the Flux product page.  If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

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Estimated Delivery

Estimated Delivery

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