One Year Limited Warranty

Every effort is made to ensure that your Proton Labs product is constructed with the highest quality materials and every product is subjected to rigorous tests before shipping. Defects in materials or workmanship can occur that will be covered in accordance with the warranty policy below.  It is the responsibility of the buyer/user to take proper care of the device as outlined in our care instructions. Due to the nature of the products sold by Proton Labs having the potential to be abused in harsh environments and/or to attempt aggressive manuevers or tricks, any damage arising from abuse cannot be covered under this warranty and shall render the warranty void.  If you have any questions about the details of this warranty please contact us prior to purchase.

General Information

Your Proton Labs product is warranted in normal use, in acordance with the Owner's Manual and care instructions against original defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. This warranty provides all labor and parts to place your product in correct operating condition as determined by Proton Labs during the warranted period. This warranty applies only when the product is purchased directly from Proton Labs or an authorized reseller.

This warranty does not cover any liability or claimed damages arising or associated with the failiure of the product beyond the product itself. For all service performed the shipping costs will be paid one way. The cost of shipping the product to Proton Labs for examination and/or service authorized under this warranty will be the responsibility of the buyer. The cost of shipping a product repaired under warranty back to the buyer will be the responsibility of Proton Labs.  Note that we are only able to ship our products, (including those repaired, refurbished, or serviced) to addresses within the United States at this time.

Product Misuse

This warranty shall be voided for any product determined to be damaged due to misuse, failure to follow the proper care tips, or other abuse. This includes but is not limited to products subjected to extreme temperatures, water, tampering, or physical stress including the cracking or breaking of any components not determined to be of faulty workmanship or construction. Additionally, internal damage caused by shock can result in the failure of individual LEDs.  This type of cosmetic blemish will only be covered by this warranty if there are more than 2 consecutively placed LEDs exhibiting this behavior and provided the failure is determined to not be attributed to product abuse.  All determinations of abuse shall be made by Proton Labs and all determinations are final.

Normal Product Wear

This warranty covers only the original materials and workmanship of the product.  This warranty does not cover cosmetic blemishes or normal reduction in performance introduced from normal use, wear, or age including but not limited to scuffs, scrapes, marks, LED brightness, audible emissions including rattle, and/or battery life.  Additionally, the warranty does not cover the value, replacement, or liability associated with the customization or modification of any product by the buyer/user including but not limited to sanding and/or taping.

HDPE Tubing Damage

This warranty shall cover all hoop models built with HDPE tubing against accidental cracking or breaking for the warranty period as outlined above when the product does not show evidence of misuse.

Polypro Tubing Damage

Due to the nature of the Polypro, we cannot offer coverage or protection against accidental damage, cracking, or breaking for hoop models made with this material.

Estimated Delivery

Estimated Delivery

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