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Saturday, September 6, 2014

First, I wanted to write a quick thanks.  As usual, it may take a few weeks to get the playa dust washed from everything but the memories, experiences, and interactions we had with so many of you including some incredible hoopers will last forever.  We've absolutely full of gratitude and thankful for everyone we met at this year's burn.  We're equally thankful for the patience some of you have had while part of our team was away.

Now let's get caught up!  Our first priority is catching up on all support messages, orders placed that weren't in stock, and any hoops that are here for repair or service.  The few of our team that kept working in the lab during Burning Man kept up fairly well but now that the full team is back we expect to have absolutely everything caught up within the coming week.  We're inspired, refreshed, happy, and ready to share that energy with you.  We've already started the ball rolling on a magical week here while we spread the hoop love.

Lastly, we've received a lot of questions about when the sale for the Helix at $289 is expected to end.  In short, we've been really happy to be able to offer this fun gift to everyone while we were away and only expected it to last until today.  However, we're currently discussing internally to determine if we can keep it going.  We might just be able to keep up with you exicted Helix ordering hoopers a little bit longer.  :)  We'll write another update soon once we determine just how long we can keep it up.

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